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Client Testimonials

At age 53, I feel better than I did at 33, all thanks to 4 years with Kathi as my pilates instructor. Great Instructor!!!! Great workout!!!!

-Nina Davis S.

“When I first started taking class from Kathi, I had several injuries that kept me from enjoying many physical activities. Now, my strength, flexibility, and stamina have increased to the point that I can achieve my goals of being fit, feeling strong, and a better sense of well being. Hurrah, Embodyment!”

-Kay C.

"Kathi has helped me with strength, flexibility, and balance--what more could I ask."

-Keith D.

“An hour of perfection for my mind and body. The most enjoyable exercise I do!”

- Sue K.

"Kathi has changed my life! What she has done for my physical, mental, and emotional health is incredible and I can't thank her enough. Pilates is the best thing I have ever done for myself."

-Jeanelle M.

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